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Developing customized, tax efficient investment strategies since 1978

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Helping individuals achieve their goals of long-term financial security.

Francis' family is most important in his life followed closely by dear friends. Developing customized, tax efficient investment strategies are passions he has enjoyed since entering the profession in 1978 with Canada Permanent Trust Company. He also believes insurance both life and living benefits should be considered in developing a sound financial plan.
Francis R. O. Martin , B. Comm, B.A. Economics Photo

Francis R. O. Martin , B. Comm, B.A. Economics

Financial Advisor, Manulife Wealth Inc.
Francis' family is most important in his life followed closely by dear friends. Developing customized, tax efficient investment strategies are passions he has enjoyed since entering the profession in 1978 with Canada Permanent Trust Company. He also believes insurance both life and living benefits should be considered in developing a sound financial plan. His objective is to help individuals who are open to working with him and committed to long-term financial security, to achieve their goals.

Tracey Ciulini Photo

Tracey Ciulini

Administrative Assistant

Tracey has 16 years of support service experience in financial services and prior to that a long career in finance and project management for the municipal government of Greater Hamilton, with a diploma in Business Administration.  Business/Finance is all in the family for Tracey, her husband is a Economics teacher & daughter a soon to be grad with a BA in Business Administration.

Tracey loves to spend time with family & friends, outdoors preferably, sailing particularly, and her volunteer activities.

Tracey feels that the best part of our job is getting to know all the wonderful people we have as clients, many who become good friends as well.

Our customized service approach.

Your financial needs will change. My goal is to concentrate on your big picture.

Often, our clients come to us initially with a specific need in mind. We find that our most satisfied clients take advantage of several of our offerings.  This allows us to formulate an all-encompassing, mutually supportive solution that best fits the unique needs of a family, an individual or a business. Below is a detailed list of all of our offerings. We look forward to discussing with you how we may be of service.


Budget & Cash Management

Develop a plan to ensure that all short-term obligations and long-term objectives are achieved. We implement with you a process to ensure you stay on track and understand how cash flow fits into your long-term plans.

Retirement Planning

We will implement a retirement plan specific to your unique situation and needs. We will work with you to ensure that you stay on track to achieve this plan and also to ensure that your Financial Plan and Asset Allocation plan are complimentary to this plan.

Opportunity Awareness

Our team is on a continuous learning journey to ensure that we are on top of all applicable legislative and policy changes affecting our clients. In addition, we spend countless hours scouring the landscape for best possible solutions for our clients’ needs.

Personalized Financial Planning

Development of a comprehensive long-term plan to show you how to achieve your goals and objectives.

Asset Allocation Advice

We provide help and guidance in determining an appropriate asset allocation for you within a risk-adjusted portfolio.

Recommendations on Investment Choices

We provide you with a complete investment account recommendation working in concert with your financial plan and asset allocation plan.

Portfolio Rebalancing

We offer this as a regular service to ensure your portfolio remains true to your asset allocation guidelines and investment objectives.

Risk/Reward Analysis of Current Holdings

An assessment of your current investments to determine if they meet your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Education Savings

Development and implementation of savings plans for your children, grand-children, nieces and nephews that could take advantage of the available Government Education Savings Grant.


Insurance Planning

We will help you development and implement a detailed risk-reduction program designed to ensure that all obligations and liabilities are addressed. This includes, Life, Disability and Critical Illness insurance and Long Term care benefits.

Health and Dental Benefits

Through Flexcare and FollowMe we provide the option for customized personal health and dental benefits including in certain circumstances under our “Catastrophic Coverage” unlimited drug coverage after specific drug limits have been met.

Click here to apply for Health and Dental coverage.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance available for your business or vacation travel and for family and friends visiting Canada.

Click here to learn more about available travel insurance options and to apply for coverage.

Quick Issue Term - Life insurance for people on the go

Let’s face it – life moves fast. So should your insurance. Manulife Quick Issue Term™ is designed to keep up with your busy life and can help get you covered – fast. 

If you’re between 18 and 50, getting the coverage you need, up to $500,000, is simple with Manulife Quick Issue Term because it’s:

  • Easy – complete the electronic application with us in minutes - in person or over the phone
  • Quick – expect a response in as little as one business day, in most cases
  • Convenient – enjoy less intrusive underwriting – no needles or fluids and fewer medical questions

And, with the option to change to permanent insurance, you’ll secure your option to have permanent protection for life. For more information on Quick Issue Term Insurance, please contact us


Business Planning

Integration of business planning with personal financial planning for self-employed individuals and small business owners to ensure efficient and effective wealth accumulation, minimization of tax liability, and appropriate cash distribution.

Group Retirement Savings Plans

We help development and implement of comprehensive group RSP, DPSP or Pension plan for employees of a small business or company.

Group Benefits Plans

We help develop and implement a comprehensive group insurance and benefits plan for employees of a small business or company.


Tax Preparation

Completion of annual tax returns(s) along with advice and guidance on how to maximize deductions and minimize taxes paid in a risk-conscious environment.

Will Review

We provide a review of existing Wills and Powers of Attorney and will review Wills being updated to ensure your wishes are being clearly documented.

Estate Planning

We will develop a plan to ensure the orderly distribution of your estate in the most tax-efficient manner and in accordance with your wishes.

Tax Saving Strategies

Develop a plan to minimize the taxes you pay, both today and into the future.

Charitable Giving

Giving to charity is a strong tradition in Canada. But with cutbacks, the amount of government funding received by charitable organizations has been dramatically reduced. However, through proper tax planning and an understanding of different planned giving options, donors and charities can work hand-in-hand to achieve maximum benefits while enhancing our community's overall quality of life.

more information on charitable giving.

Mackenzie Investments' Charitable Giving Fund

Many Canadians are looking for a simple and effective way to give. The Mackenzie Charitable Giving Fund is a donor-advised giving program that has a strategic and focused approach to giving. It is a simple and convenient solution that combines immediate tax benefits to donors, and supports donors who are looking for a long-term approach to giving.

For more information on this fund, or on the benefits you can enjoy through charitable donations, please see the links below or contact me.

A Strategic Approach to Charitable Giving (PDF)      Your Legacy (PDF)

Manulife Bank

Manulife Bank is a Schedule I federally chartered bank and a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company.  Established in 1993, it was the first federally regulated bank opened by an insurance company in Canada. Manulife Bank was created to support the sale of the parent’s core products and assist financial advisors in providing fully integrated financial plans to their clients.

Leveraging the Internet and cost-effective telephone banking technologies, Manulife Bank provides its customers access to their bank accounts 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Today, Manulife Bank manages more than $22 billion in assets and serves clients across Canada in all provinces and territories.

To learn more, click here.

Francis R. O. Martin - Manulife Bank

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